Connecting your phone adapter to your phone and the Internet:

Connecting the Phone Adapter:

PAP2T/SPA112 image of ports.

1.Using a telephone cable, connect your telephone to the PHONE 1 port of the Phone Adapter.

Connect telephone to the Phone 1 port

2.Connect the included Ethernet network cable to the INTERNET port of the Phone Adapter.

3.Connect the other end to one of the Ethernet ports on your router.

Connect Ethernet cable to the Internet port

4.Connect the included power adapter to the POWER port on the back panel of the Phone Adapter.

5.Connect the other end to a standard electrical outlet.

Connect power to the phone adapter

6.The Status and Act LEDs will be solidly lit when the Phone Adapter is ready for use.

Phone1 lit when finishedPhone adapter state When finished

The installation of the Phone Adapter is complete. You can now log into the 'My Account' section of the www.mcsnet.ca website to initialize your 911 address and call features.

Note: Some router models may require you to open the ports up to the phone adapter to prevent blocking incoming traffic to the device

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