About Speeds

About Speeds

Understanding Internet and Speeds

Three Main Variables that Affect Internet Speed

We can split the connection to the Internet into three main components, which is your network, then the MCSnet network, and then the network that makes up the Internet as a whole.

Image of three networks that make up connection

This page will explore the different factors that affect Internet performance. Part one is about your network, which has a large focus on wifi and different ways to improve it. Part two is about the MCSnet network, it presents the challenges present to a wireless provider and explains peak usage and speed variance. Part three is a short account about the Internet network and how it can affect performance, and part four has some stories with more common performance issues and how they were diagnosed and resolved.

How to do an improper Internet speed test

Find a speed test page, click the button to start, and get the results. A good result is a good result here, sad facebut if you get a bad result, you can't be sure of the cause without going through the check list below.

How to do a proper Internet speed test, and how it's different

The purpose of doing a speed test is to test the speed of the Internet connection, which is the Internet connection provided by MCSnet. As this guide will show, the Internet speeds are influenced at severalgood job! points along the chain, so we need to take a couple of steps to make sure we are testing the MCSnet connection instead of your home network or a far off Internet route.

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