iphone email

iphone email

Email Setup for iphone or ipad or ipod

Dedicated iphone and ipad support is available through apple's hotline (800) 263-3394

Recommendation: Use and setup a Gmail or Outlook.com account on the Device

Using a web based email account like gmail or outlook.com for sending and receiving messages avoids the difficulty of adjusting the outgoing server settings as your phone connects to different networks. It's also easier, and has added security for when you are connecting in the wild.

If your don't already have a gmail or outlook.com account, please create one:

gmail (by Google) account creation link

outlook.com (by Microsoft) account creation link

Set the account up on your device:

Settings -> 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' -> 'Add Account...' -> Etc.

Please contact apple (800) 263-3394 if you require support

Although it is not recommended or supported by MCSNet, you can also configure your device to retrieve @mcsnet.ca emails. Please contact apple (800) 263-3394 for support with this, the settings are below.

MCSNet Incoming server uses IMAP (port 143) server type.

The Incoming server is mail.mcsnet.ca
startTLS encryption (security)

The Outgoing server is
Port 465
SSL encryption (security)
clear text authentication (your email and password)

The outgoing server listed above will not work while connecting to outside networks, like the cell towers, please use a gmail or outlook.com account for best results as you connect to different networks.

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