Email Settings

Email Settings

MCSnet Incoming server uses IMAP (port 143) server type.

The Incoming server is
startTLS encryption (security)

The Outgoing server is
Port 465
SSL encryption (security)
clear text authentication (your email and password)

If you are using a mobile device like iphone or Android or Windows Phone, we recommend using a gmail or account for your email on that device instead of an account for ease of use and added security.

Email settings for setting up emails while connecting to the MCSnet network:

thunderbirdThunderbird (recommended)

iphone or ipad iphone or ipad

mac mailMac Mail is not supported, please use Thunderbird

outlook2003Microsoft Outlook 2003

outlook2007Microsoft Outlook 2007

outlook2010 Microsoft Outlook 2010

Gmail forwardingGmail - Forwarding to use gmail to retrieve email

Email Troubleshooting

Please try searching for any email errors in google, it is very common for the description of the issue and a fix posted within the first few results.

Nearly all email errors are the result of three things (from most common to least):

  1. Antivirus program (Norton, Mcafee, AVG, etc.) is blocking communication, where the fix is disabled or re-install the program or replace it with a better one like Microsoft Security Essentials (free, and it does not break email).
  2. Incorrect settings. Please use the guides above for the proper settings for a mail account while connecting through MCSnet. If you are connecting through a different Internet provider then you will need to use their outgoing server settings instead. The MCSnet outgoing (SMTP) mail server may only be used from within the MCSnet network.
  3. Corruption of the mail storage in the email program. This might be a sign of issues starting with the physical hard drive on your computer if the data is starting to corrupt, but you will often have to re-create your mail storage folders to fix this.

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