Connecting to a Wireless Network

This guide will help to guide you through getting your non-wired computers connected to your wireless network.

As a prerequisite, please ensure that you are using a properly configured wireless router and that the wireless adapter on your computer is enabled. For some help with router configuration you can reference these guides for your Asus, D-Link, Linksys, or Netgear product.

You can use this guide with:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7


Windows XP Connection Guide

Windows has the following icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen by the clock.

Double click this computer screen with the waves coming off of it to bring up the following:

This dialogue displays all wireless networks within range, and uses green bars to show the strength of the available signal. Click on the network you would like to connect to:

Click Connect

Enter your encryption key for your wireless network. If your network does not have a key, then windows will provide you with a warning message about the network being open, and you will have to click continue to create the connection. For support on encrypting your network see our available guides for Netgear, D-Link, and Linksys.

At this point you should be connected, and will be able to surf the web.

If you get stuck at the following message:

You will need to enable Windows wireless configuration service.

Click Start

Click run...

Type: services.msc and click OK

You will get the following window. Please scroll down to the bottom where you will find "Wireless Zero Configuration"

Double click on the wireless zero, and change the startup type to Automatic and click Apply

Click on Start to start the service.

Windows should now be able to see available networks. Please try the first steps of this guide again.


Windows Vista Connection Guide

Click on the Start button at the bottom left hand corner, and click on Connect To.

You will be presented with the available networks.

Click on the network you would like to connect to and click on the Connect button.

Enter your network key if you are using an encrypted network, or click continue to allow windows to connect to an unsecure network.

You should be online at this point!


Windows 7 Connection Guide

Connecting with Windows 7 is straight forward.

Start by looking for your wireless icon that should show up in the bottom right hand corner by your clock, it's the one with the graduating bars:

Wireless networking icon

Left click on the icon, and it will show you all of the available wireless networks it can see. If no networks show up, it could be that there are no networks in range, or the wireless adapter on the computer is disabled:

available networks

Click on the network you would like to connect to, and you will see a button to connect:

click on network to reveal connect button

After clicking on connect, the computer will need the passphrase setup on your router if one has been setup:

enter the passphrase setup on the router

Once the connection is complete, you should see the status change to connected:

That should get you online, please try to open a webpage to confirm.

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