911 on VoIP

911 on VoIP

911 Calling Limitations, and Managing Your 911 Address
911 works differently through VoIP

It is important to keep your address updated at all times. MCSnet Phone is not tied to your physical location, so you must specify your physical location to provide this information to emergency services. VoIP 911 calling is different than traditional 911 calling because your location is not derived automatically through your phone number. A VoIP 911 call is dispatched through a national emergency call centre first, where it is directed to the nearest response centre after confirming your physical address. Emergency response will be sent to the address that you specify in the "Manage 911 Address Profiles" section if you are not able to speak during the call. The VoIP 911 service will not work if the VoIP or associated Internet service is not connected.

In the event of a power outage, your Internet and phone service will be offline due to power loss, so 911 service will not be available.

If you have to call 911, please be prepared to confirm your location and call back number with the operator and to stay on the line or call back if the call is disconnected.

Customer administration is found by logging into the My Account section of the www.mcsnet.ca website with your administrative username and password:

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Managing Your 911 Address

Use the "Manage 911 Address Profiles" link when you log into the my account section of the www.mcsnet.ca website to specify your physical location. Please read and understand the contained terms of this service as detailed in this section.